The White Flower Cake Shoppe Online School of Decorating August 14 2014

Welcome to our online cake decorating school! We are so excited to share with you how we design and create our buttercream cakes. These tutorials are based on the classes that we teach on a regular basis, and of course, what you have asked for over the years! How to make our flowers, how we do our piping, how we stack our cakes-we are sharing it all with you. We are truly passionate about buttercream cake decorating, and want to inspire others to see the artistic potential of buttercream cakes. The first 4 tutorials cover a lot from how to fill and frost a cake properly, how to use buttercream to create interesting piping, how to create our White Flower Cake Shoppe signature flowers that we are famous for, and much more! And of course, we plan on offering you many more in the future from an Advanced buttercream piping class to a tutorial all about writing on cakes! We want you all to keep in mind that we have almost 20 years of experience, so do not get frustrated if you do not excel at these techniques at first. You have to make the time to practice! You should have seen our first attempts at this.... We all have to start somewhere, and although buttercream is awesome, it can be a difficult medium to work with.

Keep in mind these helpful tips:

1. Keep the temperature of the room you are decorating in around 68 degrees or below-the warmer and more humid it gets outside, the more difficult the buttercream can get to work with, so keep the room cold!

2. Always refresh your bags!!!! This is especially true with flowers! Even if a bag has been sitting for only 10 minutes, squeeze it back into the bowl, stir it up again with a spatula or spoon, and refill your bag. You will achieve a much smoother, less airy result

3. Use gel colors-these work much better, and help us achieve our vivid colors. Americolor gel is a brand we like

4.When experimenting with the Swiss meringue buttercream recipes, try cutting out some(not all) of the butter ratio, and replacing it with a high ratio shortening. This will help your buttercream to hold up better, and accept color better.

5. Breathe. Focus . Try again!

We hope you enjoy these classes. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and happy decorating! Peace, Love and Buttercream, Marianne and Lauren